A simple and effective way for you to set up your very own web hosting business! We will provide all the tools you need to set up and manage an unlimited number of sub-accounts, and we allow you to customize the right package that fits you and your client's specific needs. We make the reseller process easy and profitable for you by ensuring trouble free account management.
Premium Bandwidth
Control Panel
Cpanel / WHM
WHM Reseller
$0.67/Day - $0.03/Hr
Cpanel Account
Free IPV4
2 IPV4
Free Domain
Billing Software
Gigabit Uplink
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Reboots
  • Ability to backup VPS
  • Console Access
  • Instant Re-Installs
  • Graphical CPU/Memory Stats
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Reboots
  • Ability to backup VPS
  • Console Access
  • Instant Re-Installs
  • Graphical CPU/Memory Stats
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Reboots
  • Ability to backup VPS
  • Console Access
  • Instant Re-Installs
  • Graphical CPU/Memory Stats

my247webhosting reseller web hosting is a simple and effective way for you to set up your very own web hosting business. We provide server space, bandwidth, and all the tools you need to set up and manage an unlimited number of subaccounts!
Becoming a my247webhosting reseller is easy - and profitable! Simply resell my247webhosting’s100% reliable web hosting services to your own customers, under your own brand name. We’ll help you get set up and support you every step of the way!
For anyone have several websites or like to resell web hosting services, my247webhosting Reseller Hosting Program is ansuperb solution. Join it now and get several fully-featured hosting accounts at a great reduction, activate them at any time, and resell them at any price you wish.

Benefits of my247webhosting Reseller
Trouble-free account management: You can activate, suspend, and reactivate accounts with just a few clicks through our modern Reseller Hosting era.
Private DNS: The Private DNS upgrade permits you to brand the name server for your customers. Therefore you can completely hide the my247webhosting name and build your own hosting label.


Our company was needed affordable but same time, high quality hosting for our website when we came across my247webhosting. With them, we receive
excellent hosting service, many powerful features and tools, and excellent customer service for an affordable rate.

~Allen Campbell


Q: What is Reseller Hosting?
A: My247webhosting Reseller Hosting unites the flexibility and power of your own server with the functionality of cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS. We offer Web experts the power to be their own hosting company.
With reseller Web hosting you can divide the disk space and bandwidth of your main account to create individual hosting accounts for your customers. The number of individual hosting accounts you can create is up to you and if you need more space you can upgrade to a larger plan.
With Reseller Hosting you can:

  • Host numerous websites from a single hosting account
  • Control features and plans offered to your customers
  • Sell and provision hosting accounts under your own brand
  • Bill your customers directly

Q: Do I need to know how to manage a Linux server?

A: Our reseller hosting plans are based on a Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS). So, Linux admin experience would help – but it’s not necessary. Reseller Hosting comes bundled with WHM, WHMCS, and cPanel control panels to help you manage the server and your customers.
Hosting resellers should have basic knowledge of hosting related concepts like HTML and scripting languages, FTP, MySQL, and DNS.
If you’re a real self-starter, we also have several resources to point you in the right direction. My247webhosting Support is loaded with help documentation, support forums, and educational blog posts to get you going. Plus, don’t forget our expert support staff is always available 24/7 to answer any Reseller Hosting questions you might have.

Q: Is My247webhosting Reseller Hosting a shared hosting product?

A: No. Different to most of our companies, our Reseller Hosting plans are based on a Linux VPS. This means you are powered by cloud hosting technology, with the robust functionality of a virtual hosting environment and a 99 percent guaranteed uptime.
When you use My247webhosting reseller hosting, you can build your own hosting plans, bill your customers directly.

Q: What kinds of hosting plans I can sell with Reseller Hosting?
A: Because it is your own server, you can sell any type of hosting configurations you want.
With our reseller Web hosting, we give you a bulky amount of space to split among your customers. Adding up to that, we let you sell more space than you actually have. That means you are not required to upgrade your plan until you exceed the total allocation of your main account.
This way you are only paying for what you need, but have the ability to expand as needed.

Q: Can I modify the branding of the control panel?
A: Yes. With cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS you can sell white-label Web hosting accounts. This means you can customize your own nameservers, and upload your own company logo to use inside the control panel.
As a Web hosting reseller, you can design your customers control panel so it’s branded with the look and feel of your company.
Your complete Reseller Hosting plan is privately branded. That means the My247webhosting logo and branding remains concealed from your customers.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a reseller hosting provider?
A: As your own hosting reseller, you are having your own hosting business. This means you are accountable for any interaction involving you and your customer, which includes tech support to your end users.
You are also responsible for setting up your reseller hosting plans and pricing, developing your websites, and the installation and use of any 3rd party scripts.
In turn, we supply you with the server resources (disk space, bandwidth, features) and handle all server related technical issues.

We know that your website and
business will likely grow with time.
We have designed our services
with this in mind to make sure that
your hosting is able to scale with
the growth of your website
and business.
We do Web hosting perfectly. Other
companies may try to offer a wide variety
of services with mediocre support and
performance. Our only job is to make sure
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We have an excellent well experienced
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My247 has a fast support and its friendly
and knowledgeable staff. With a vast
knowledge base both online and in our
heads you know you will be getting the
best support available in the industry.
Whether you have an issue with your
website and email, server administration,
we’ll be there for you when you need us.